Cash in Now on Election Spending

It isn’t too late to cash in the bonanza of millions of dollars in local media ad spending by US Senate and US House candidates. …

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Election Ad Buys Await Your Call Now

You still have five more months to cash in on the revenue bonanza of 2018 election advertising dollars. NOW, is the time to show the …

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Sign Up Now for Free LBS Webinar

Greetings! Just a quick note to invite your sales team to join me June 12 at noon Eastern Time for my next free LBS webinar. …

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Get More Election Ad Money Today

Good news! The new forecast from Borrell Associates projects that broadcast TV will see $3.4 billion in 2018 election advertising dollars. Now the great news: The …

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Not Asking This Will Cost You Money Today

It’s not a question most sellers ask anymore, but it’s something both Gordon Borrell and BIA agree on. The question? “How much do you invest …

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