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Grow Revenue, Audience & Seller Expertise 

Simultaneously with Your Primary Media + Digital + Mobile + Direct Mail

  • Generates new & incremental revenue
  • Yields top of the card rates
  • Produces a profit from primary media promotion
  • Gives advertisers a minimum of 4 media outlets
  • Grows audience & database
  • Drives traffic to your website
  • Offers optional renowned sales training
  • Turnkey & easy to implement

PowerTAB® is your 10″ x 12″, full-color, direct mail promotional piece generating huge revenue at great rates, and allowing you to tap into silos of money most of your competitors can’t dream of touching. Request a sample PowerTAB

DigiTAB® is the page-turnable, online PowerTAB®  giving you access to digital co-op revenue and drawing your audience to your website where they are offered your promotion and downloadable client ads with jump pages linking to client websites. See a sample DigiTAB here

MobileTAB is the DigiTAB® on the go giving you access to revenue from the mobile coupon market and extending  your reach into thousands of smartphones in your market. See our MobileTAB samples here and here.

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Does RevPRO Work?

From a GM:  “Every project we’ve done with RDR® over the past 3 years has grown in revenue and this is our 7th program and by far the best one yet!” (This small unrated station has generated over $1,000,000 in the past 3 years with RevPRO).

From a GM:  “I am the GM for an 8 entity media cluster. We have worked with Mark Levy for the past 2 years. In 2015 he was in our market for 10 days helping us present a package built around RevPRO. Because of Mark and his knowledge and skills we were able to sell every bit of available space in our mailer before he even got back on the plane to leave our market. Mark helped sellers close deals with clients that were 2 to 3 times higher investment commitments then those clients usually commit to or that our sellers usually pitch!…”

From a Market Manager:  “Our leading radio stations were languishing in average revenue gains, until we added [RevPRO] . The 60,000 PowerTABs that you produced for both Spring and Fall helped us with annual scheduling and revenues where we could attribute more than $250,000 to this RDR® project.”

From a GM:  “The mailer looks fantastic. I even received one at my home and was impressed with the way it was delivered. The response has been fantastic. In the first week of our Spring contest we have more entries than we received in 12 weeks of our Fall contest.  But, let me qualify that: I believe our success this week has much to do with our Fall contest. We brought more people to our dance with the first Fall mailer/contest, and that is creating a larger response to this contest. And now this mailer will bring even more people to our dance!”

From a GM:  “Our fall RevPRO produced nearly 2100 unique on-line entries. We were getting entries from the mailer right through the 13th week of the contest.”

From a GSM:  “People are ASKING us to send a mailer (what other coupon mailer can say THAT?)  Listeners want to make SURE they are looking at the web/paper/mobile version properly.  People are telling US ‘it says in the rules that the mailer will be available for pick up at some locations’ (it is RARE that someone would read that much detail about contest rules, and inquire about it). Our [auto client] mentioned to an AE that he loves the look of the mailer and is loving the response!” 

From a GM:  “Mark – Thank you for sticking with us these past 10 days and helping this staff educate our clients.  Most of all, thank-you for educating US!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! WE ARE SO HAPPY WITH REVPRO AND CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT PHASE!”

From a GM:  “We’ve added 200 new Loyal Listeners a week with RevPRO!”

From a Station Owner:  “Wow! Talk about profitable! This was our second year to do RevPRO with RDR® and I thought I was happy last year…This year is even better!”

From a Manager:  “Morning… just had a call from client…4 people have been in with the PowerTAB  in hand…they sold a $25,000 kitchen as a result…so when he called this morning he booked a remote…Have to love results like that!”

From a Station Owner:  “It’s already working.  Just got a call from a very happy client…the PowerTABs® were delivered yesterday and she got FOUR calls yesterday afternoon booking reservations as a result of the coupon…first day…good response.”

From an AE:  “WOOOOO HOOOO…Sold them a double coupon in the upcoming mailer with billing from April – September at top rates!! This is a client who originally said no, but I was persistent, scheduled a phone call with Mark while he was here, emailed client the pdf and mailed him an actual mailer, and he commented how beautiful it is and said YES!!”


Clients say RevPRO is easy to implement:

From a Market Manager:  “The ease of conducting business with your company is equaled by few. You and your production team literally HANDLE all of the logistics, artwork, proof and so much more…while being pleasant with our clients (always a concern when working with an outside source…but not with RDR®). You are setting a standard … A fan…”

From a Manager:  “The success of our most important annual promotion depends, in great part, on the mailer our viewers receive. RDR® created that asset for us, and the process was as efficient as could be. Sue from RDR® micromanaged the project’s timeline and nothing ever fell through the cracks. (She could herd cats!) The beautiful mailer and the online version of it exceeded our expectations, and we are hard to please.”

From an Advertiser-Client:  “Beautiful job! You guys are great! We have enjoyed our working relationship – your attention to detail and great communication! Thanks so much!”

From an Advertiser-Client to his AE:  “I have been very difficult to reach and despite the last-minute challenge I presented Holly from RDR® with, she overcame it and has taken care of me. She was very willing to work at all hours and also worked the marketing department of one of our suppliers in a pleasant and professional way. Your station made an exceptional choice when they decided to work with her…Thought you should know…”

From an Advertiser-Client:  “Thank you – you made this an easy deal (to get co-op dollars)!”

From an Advertiser-Client:  “This ad is fantastic. As always, you all do great work and are always responsive and on top of things.”

From a Sales Manager:  “Our auto dealer owner-client mentioned to the AE that he loves the look of the mailer and is loving the response!”

From an AE:  “It’s sure been a pleasure working with a company like yours.”

From an Advertiser-Client:  “That ad looks absolutely great.  I truly appreciate the job you did and can’t thank you enough for dealing with me. :)”

From an AE: “My (realtor) client was very happy and has extended her schedule with us. The timing for her was perfect — getting into homes at the beginning of spring and having her message out there with a good frequency. She started the selling/buying season strong!”

From an AE:  “You guys have been completely fabulous and have done everything you said you would do!


RevPRO has a proven track record in every size market!

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