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Strategic Consultation

Tactics and Tools for Tangible Growth

The RDR BAR™ (Business Accountability Review)

Is your company underperforming, stagnant or ready to grow? The RDR BAR™ is your answer. The BAR is founded on the simple, but overlooked, fundamental that our biggest assets and obstacles are “right under our nose,” but we can’t see them because we’re too close. Obtaining an outside objective perspective, unaffected by proximity, external influences, conditioning, bias, or feelings, is critical to take your company to the next level and often the tipping point to success.

The RDR BAR™ delivers this objective perspective through a lens of 30+ years of experience and expertise, propelling companies to robust levels of growth and success. This in-market program is a custom-designed, comprehensive analysis of 17 company operations areas, aimed at maximizing resources, exposing obstacles to growth, and identifying effective, realistic and feasible solutions. 

Intelligence gathered by RDR is systematically evaluated, and then integrated into a custom strategic written Action Plan. The Action Plan details findings and observations and offers recommendations and action steps to chart company missions, personnel, timelines, and resources necessary to achieve defined objectives, goals, and positive growth. The Action Plan is delivered within fourteen (14) days of BAR completion, followed by RDR review and consultation.

Omnia® Recruitment & Retention Tools

Hire the right people the first time and then consistently hire the best people for your positions and company’s culture.  Omnia® Target Profile Reports and the more in-depth Omnia® Profile Reports written by an Omnia® Analyst. Omnia® tools will match employees to your company’s culture, both company-wide and department-wide, including account managers, customer service, administration, marketing and promotions, writers, and sales.

Team Integration

Your staff may have the answers to your company’s problems and not just be the company’s problems. We’ll show you how to create a dynamic environment that encourages a free flow and exchange of uninhibited ideas. You can have a more engaged, empowered and effective staff with increased productivity and profitability levels.

RevUSM Hiring Success School

Finally! Boost retention and shrink turnover by hiring the right people who are already trained to sell and can hit the ground running! RevUSM offers 16 hours of in-market sales training for prospective sales force hires, followed by RDR consultation with management on the candidates, recruitment and hiring practices.

Strategic Pricing InitiativeSM

SPI sets your inventory at the right levels for the perfect balance of demand and profitability, and then provides you the tools to maintain that pricing month after month.


Oh, and one more thing — we don’t pull a disappearing act or ignore your phone calls after our work is completed. We walk alongside you to coach you through successful and consistent implementation, and then continue to monitor and tweak strategies as the market and environment dictate.

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