How Well Do You “Client-Speak?”

That question is answered by how many times you find yourself using the words “we,” ”our,” and “us” when talking to a client about your company and its offerings. To become proficient in “client-speak,” we must minimize us. Instead of talking about your company and its offerings from your point of view (which is a “feature”), speak to clients in terms of benefits to them. How do you recognize a benefit? It’s that same attribute of the feature, but from the client’s point of view, and it always starts with “you” or “your.”  Make your client-speak even stronger by leading with your benefit and supporting with the feature. You can never go wrong using this format: “You will ______ (benefit) because we ________ (feature).” For example: “You will reach a very select audience, as we are the only Punk-Polka station in the market!”

photo credit: Fortune Brainstorm TECH 2011 via photopin (license)