Stop Wasting Commercial Time!

Can you remember a phone number mentioned once in a 30 second commercial? How about FlebitzenMcConnehaySanchezRoseLawfirm.com? Same with actual street addresses — can you really find 1456 Main Street at night in a rainstorm?  Most people will answer “No” to all three. So why do we do it? Because we always have done it that way, right? Well, it is time to STOP!

What do we do instead? Drive to digital! Use the time to push an easy-to-remember website — and that might mean a second site that links to the client’s primary site. Yes, a second website. Don’t be afraid to make that suggestion to clients who have hard-to-remember websites. Better that than no traffic to a website at all!

photo credit: Justin Smiley via photopin cc