Recruit College Graduates Who Want a Career in Media Sales

Recruit College Graduates Who Want a Career in Media Sales at the 3 NABEF’s Media Sales Institutes

Hiring great people is difficult. Hiring recent college graduates who want a career in media sales is almost impossible. Until now…

The NABEF’s Media Sales Institute (MSI) is a 10-day intensive sales training boot camp program for recent college graduates targeting women and minorities. Participants, by choice, learn the basics of media sales, including winning sales strategies, networking, presenting effective pitches, and closing sales. These factors make MSI a great place for your organization to recruit talent. 

As the Resident Sales Expert for the Tallahassee, Florida A&M MSI, I can promise you that these attendees will leave with the knowledge needed to become integral, effective components of your members’ stations, and best of all, you can watch these graduates in action by attending our Florida A&M MSI Recruiter Days on May 20-21 at Florida A&M. This will be your chance to observe our participants present a mock sales presentation to actual local business clients that include digital, radio and TV sales solutions. Then you will have the opportunity to individually interview the participants on site. It is sure to help you find great talent for your organization! You can also register to recruit at 2 other events:

  • June 11-12 at Howard University 
  • June 15-16 at Arizona State University
  • NOTE: The Ohio University program has been cancelled for 2015

Register today at the Media Sales Institute Recruitment Site.