How Does Your Team Address, “We Don’t Need To Advertise?”

“We don’t need to advertise” doesn’t have to end the call.

This objection is one we hear sellers complain about frequently, so we’ve taken a hard look at it. It seems to be used most in the following situations:

1) the prospect is trying to get rid of the seller because the seller is focused on trying to get the prospect to grow his/her business when the prospect doesn’t want to grow his/her business; and

2) The prospect has a big ego and doesn’t think he/she needs to advertise.

In either case, your team may address this objection by remembering that more people make decisions based on fear of loss than they do for hope of gain. With this in mind, your team has a great opportunity to create an “Aha!” moment that will keep the sales process going…and the steps are easy:

1) Don’t argue.

2) Respond like this: “Ms. Prospect, I am glad business is good, and hope it will stay that way. But may I ask you just 2 more quick questions?” The prospect will most often let you proceed, so ask:

  1. “Ms. Prospect, when you started your business, did you do so because you thought you could take dollars from existing businesses?” (most will say “Yes”).
  2. “Well, if that’s the case, can I ask what you’re doing to make sure no one tries to do the same thing to you?”

Don’t be surprised if this causes your prospect to pause a moment – that’s the moment your team can use to share what your station(s) can do to help Ms. Prospect DEFEND her business!

We hope this tactic addresses that all too common objection and enables your team to help your clients and prospects defend their businesses.

Are you doing all you can to defend your business? Your best accounts are everyone else’s targets. Do your sellers have the training and revenue generating tools they need to keep and grow current accounts while bringing new accounts in? If not, let’s talk. There’s a reason why the SMTE, NAB, NABEF, state associations and groups use us for training and revenue generation. You’ll know in just a few moments if what we do is right for you, so give us a call and let’s discuss what you need to make 2016 your best year yet!