New Tool to Get More Political Dollars Now!

Billions of political dollars will be spent by candidates, issues, PACs, and Super PACs this year. Will you be equipped to get your fair share? RDR® has your tool!

We are pleased to offer you the Edmonds Political Contacts Database, which includes:

  • Candidate contact info for all races in your state, from local to national
  • Contact info for state/national issue groups, PACs super PACs and their media buying agencies
  • Ongoing updates to all lists
  • Ongoing communication of best practices, success stories and other relevant political information throughout the election season

Imagine what your team could do with this information! Access for every station in your entire group is available for one low fee of $900 per state. And multi-state discounts are available. Just your first sale will pay for it!

Now switch gears and ask yourself, “Do I have enough great sales people? If you could use more, register to recruit trained, ambitious talent at the NABEF’s Media Sales Institute at Florida A&M today! The Institute is a 10-day intensive sales training boot camp for recent college graduates, targeting women and minorities.

Participants learn the basics of media sales, including winning sales strategies, networking, presenting effective pitches, and closing sales, making NABEF’s MSI a great place to recruit talent regardless of your market size. Recruitment interviews will be held on May 19-20 at FL A&M. Attendance is required for both days so you get the whole picture.

The deadline for registration is May 2, but since only a limited number of interviewing spaces are available, if you wait that long, there is a good chance you’ll be left out…so register today!

In closing, if you have any questions, please contact us. We’d love to help write more political dollars and hire great people!