Political Ad News – More Revenue for Radio

According to the website TheStreet.com, “Radio companies will enjoy a boost in 2016 largely due to local races that are expected to be hotly contested.”  

The report continues, “While radio companies haven’t been top of mind when it comes to new and exciting modes of political advertising — think Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat– they will enjoy a solid boost this year as candidates want more targeted advertising; they are expected to turn to the medium to sway voters in local races that will be hotly contested.”

TheStreet.com quotes Michael Kupinski, analyst at Noble Markets Group “What radio is best for — and why we think they’re going to benefit — is a call-to-action, get-out-and-vote rally.”

Unlike television, which has historically benefited from presidential races, radio tends to gain more from local races — yet another factor that will serve as a boon for players in the sector this year.

“If the house and senate races are tight — and we think that they will be with democrats trying to take over the house and senate — there will be more spending on local races,” Kupinski said.

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