110 Days Left to Grab Your Unfair Share of 12 Billion Political Dollars

A headline this week from TheStreet reads “Profit From the Bloodbath: How $12 Billion Is Being Spent to Tell You How to Vote in 2016.” That’s even more than the $11 Billion originally projected.

We can help you get your unfair share!

To cash in, you need to know NOW how to find the people making those buys.

Obtain those names, addresses, phone numbers and emails from the Edmonds Political Contacts Database.

This valuable and affordable tool is now available to broadcasters at a price so low that your first sale will pay for it! Access for every station in your entire group is available for one low fee of $900 per state, or even less if you order multiple states.

It’s easy to use and very comprehensive. You’ll receive:

  • Candidate contact info for all races in your state, from local to national
  • Contact info for state/national issue groups, PACs super PACs and their media buying agencies
  • Ongoing updates to all lists
  • Ongoing communication of best practices, success stories and other relevant political information throughout the election season

Think about it: $12 BILLION on the table, yes, $12 Billion. Get your unfair share with the Edmonds Political Contacts Database.

Contact Bob Lawrence at RDR®, 316.613.8752 / bob@RDR®today.com today!