Does $200,000+ of 6 Month Revenue at Top Rates Sound Good?

You may have recently attended The Radio Show. And if you did, you were probably looking for revenue-generating ideas. But, many of those ideas generated less than $100,000 annually. If you’re looking for more than that, let’s talk. Stations with 5-6 sellers are consistently generating hundreds of thousands of dollars of 6 month revenue with our programs, programs that will differentiate you from your competitors offering branding or remnant inventory programs. These include:


A powerful, multi-media bundle of your primary media, digital, mobile and direct mail, delivering simultaneous revenue, advertiser, audience, and seller skill set growth at top-of-the-card rates.

Doing Business Better®®

A highly informative 3 section seminar for your community business leaders with a surprising twist: no advertising or marketing is discussed and no station rep may pitch anything or attendees are paid $500. But are there big sales opportunities? You bet!

Here is what a few of our clients have said:

“With Mark’s support and programs, I’ve grown from a $120,000 annual-billing, consultative seller, to a $700,000 Senior Account Manager.”

“Mark helped sellers close deals at 2-3 times higher investment levels than we usually pitch! Sellers are asking for more dollars, presenting proposals better, and “thinking bigger” because of Mark. He’s been a huge asset on the management side as well!”

“One of the smartest things I ever did [as an owner & manager] was to connect with Mark. He’s provided invaluable tools to help me navigate business challenges, and my confidence level and decisiveness have increased. We’re never too old to learn.”

“Our station could attribute more than $800,000 to our RDR® program.”

We offer a quick (25 minutes tops) GoTo meeting that will help you decide if our programs can help your team meet 2017 goals. Why not take a look before you finalize your budget? It could be just the idea you need to blow 2017 away. Give me a call or send me an email and we’ll set it up at your convenience.