The 1 Question Your Sellers Should Ask But Probably Don’t

In the past few weeks I’ve spent a great deal of time with media companies focusing on questions that sellers should be asking and the way those questions should be asked. The key we discovered is this: give your sales team a couple versions of customer needs analysis questions and let them choose the most important ones as a team. This is a great way to insure the key questions your team thinks are important are being asked. Just as important, we discovered that sellers are not asking enough “confirmation” questions. This is something you may want to cover in a sales meeting because it is a dead giveaway that the seller did not do research before the call.

And now, the one question no one was asking, even successful veterans. Admittedly, it is not a question to be asked during the customer needs analysis, but later, if a sale is not made:

“Is there anything we did and shouldn’t have done, or didn’t do and should have done, that would have caused you to look at this differently?” 

We strongly suggest every “No” gets the above as a follow up question (in person, via email, or even a card in the mail) for 2 reasons:

  1. Clients will be surprised they were asked for their input;
  2. Client feedback can be used to help sell the client next time.

While this isn’t rocket science, we see time and again that it is not being done. So if you are looking to give your team an edge, make sure any time they don’t close an “ask” that they do ask, “Is there anything we did and shouldn’t have done, or didn’t do and should have done, that would have caused you to look at this differently?”

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My best,

Mark Levy, CRME, EOC
Revenue Development Resources®