What $3,500,000 in Revenue and Audience Engagement Looks Like

You no doubt have a number of in-house revenue programs already in place, but do you have anything set up to capture the 25 cents out of every dollar that BIA predicts will go into direct mail in 2017? If you are wondering if that’s more than radio and television combined, it is!

To show you how to get your share of all those dollars and promote your station at the same time, we’d love to share a brief (25 minutes tops) GoTo Meeting demo of RDR®’s RevPro program with you.

In the meantime, you can see a few samples of this valuable resource here. These projects alone have generated more than $3,500,000 worth of revenue and ratings success for broadcasters…what could they do for you?

In closing, RDR® programs consistently help other broadcasters simultaneously grow revenue and audience engagement. We’d welcome the opportunity to help you do the same. Would you have a few moments later this week or early next to see if what we do might be beneficial to your team’s efforts?