You CAN Hire New College Graduates Who Want A Career In Media Sales

Joe, hiring great people is difficult. Hiring recent college graduates who want a career in media sales has been almost impossible. Until now.

The NABEF’s Media Sales Institute at Florida A&M is a 8-day intensive sales training boot camp program for recent college graduates targeting women, people of color and minorities. Participants, by choice, learn the basics of media sales, including time management, prospecting, appointment setting, CNA strategies, proposal writing, presentation techniques, closing, networking and more. This make the NABEF’s MSI a great place for your organization to recruit talent regardless of market size…and there WILL be people you want to hire (2015 class below).

2017 NABEF Media Sales Institute Recruiter Dates at Florida A&M: May 15-16, 2017 

But in order to recruit, you have to be there, and here’s why: you’ll be able to witness our students presenting mock sales presentations to actual clients based on the CNAs they have conducted. Their presentation will include digital and broadcast sales strategies plus creative copy ideas…the same things you’d expect from your sellers.

Now here is what some of you may be thinking: “We can’t afford the travel.” First, your hotel will be inexpensive as will flights if you book early (that’s why you’re getting this email now). Second, how much would you spend on client entertainment to land a big annual account? You know the right person could be worth a great deal more than that.

Then there’s, “They’d never want to come to my market.” Are you sure? Each and every market has its own distinctive appeal. And these students are smart enough to go online and compare costs of living with earnings potential. But you won’t know if they’d be interested in your market(s) unless you’re there to ask.

In closing, as the past VP of Sales for the RAB, Sales and Management Trainer for the NAB, SMTE and dozens of state broadcast associations (that’s me in the bottom right above),I promise you this is the type of training you want new sellers to have. So, register to recruit at the NABEF’s Media Sales Institute at Florida A&M today!  Recruitment interviews will be held on May 15-16 and attendance is required for both days so you get the whole picture. The deadline for registration is April 3rd but since only a limited number of interviewing spaces are available, if you wait that long, there is a good chance you’ll be left out…so register today!