Mark Levy Presentation Helps Military Recruiters Improve Their Results

You may not immediately think of the process of recruiting young men and women into the military as a “sales” effort — but of course, that’s exactly what it is.

More than 50 National Guard personnel are now in a better position to “sell” young people on joining the Guard thanks to a three-hour presentation from Mark Levy of RDR.

This TOPP training, entitled “Converting Targets of Opportunity into Recruits,” was presented in Boston on November 2 in partnership with the Massachusetts Broadcasters Association’s Sound Bites 2017 event.

The program is designed to help the military generate more recruits by improving recruiters’ sales skills, and thus turn more prospects into recruits.

Attendee evaluations were overwhelmingly positive following the event. Among the comments:


Instructor was personable and approachable and a subject matter expert….The course energized my skills and techniques.


Great presentation. Instruction was awesome. Good examples. I now can identify more of my strengths by my personality.


I learned how to understand generations and personalities and how to adjust my sales tactics depending on who I’m talking to.


What I liked best about the course was the overview of the generations…and the personality matrix. Good to know personalities in order to sell to them….I left with a better understanding of the generation gap. I had had a preconceived notion that every generation after mine is unteachable.


Mark Levy, President of Revenue Development Resources, is a leading sales and marketing motivator who has spent numerous years training for state broadcasters associations, the National Association of Broadcasters, and countless other media organizations and businesses. He has armed thousands of sellers and managers in the U.S. and abroad with the skills to achieve and exceed their sales quotas.