4 Simple Sales Steps To Take Before Dec. 24

Only days away, 2018 can be your best ever. Here are 4 things you can do now to make sure it starts off heading that way, and they won’t cost you a dime:

  1. Reduce client turnover: stop selling schedules that don’t work. Identify your happy clients whose schedules work and make those your benchmark minimum schedules going forward.
  2. Make sure clients can easily contact you: every station outgoing and reply email should include phone number and call letters – from every device used.
  3. Advertise your assets: if you believe that your website is important enough to draw the attention of “affluent businesspersons,” then make sure you have your “Advertising” tab at the top of your landing page containing information about advertising on both your station(s) and digital assets.
  4. Prep your staff for change: at the station holiday lunch, play the audio version of “Who Moved My Cheese?” There’s still no better book about embracing change. Download it from ITunes for around $15 – it’s an investment, not a “cost.”

Finally, if you:

  1. have any concerns about how well-trained your team is;
  2. need revenue generation ideas, strategies and tactics;
  3. need Omnia Target profiles to help you make better hires, give us a call.

RDR consistently helps sellers in all market sizes write more and larger orders, more often and we’d love to help your team do the same!

My best,

Mark Levy, CRME, EOC
Revenue Development Resources