Not Asking This Will Cost You Money Today

It’s not a question most sellers ask anymore, but it’s something both Gordon Borrell and BIA agree on. The question? “How much do you invest per month in direct mail?”

We know what you’re thinking: “Direct mail? Come on!”

But, per Mark Fratik, Chief Economist at BIA, the biggest media investment local advertisers will make this year will be in… Direct Mail. This is money most broadcasters don’t ever get a taste of – and that’s too bad because he predicts Direct Mail will get:

Direct Mail Comparisons

This is so much money that Gordon Borrell wrote in his Forbes.com 3/30/18 article “Radio’s Big Challenge: Finding Its Way Forward In This New Digital World:”

… If they’re not thinking about buying a local newspaper or starting a direct mail initiative in their market, they should…

We know you’re not “radio” but, its time to take notice when both Borrell and BIA agree on how much money Direct Mail gets. Now the big question: Could you use some of this money?

If so, it’s time you give RDR a call. We’ve been helping stations get millions of broadcast, digital, mobile and these direct mail dollars for years, and at top rates. Your team will also get the training they need to consistently write more and larger orders more often and you ‘ll also get an audience engaging promotion. Questions? Click the button below and let’s start the conversation! In the meantime, make sure your sellers are asking clients and prospects: “How much do you invest per month in direct mail?”