Get More Election Ad Money Today

Good news! The new forecast from Borrell Associates projects that broadcast TV will see $3.4 billion in 2018 election advertising dollars.

Now the great news: The Edmonds Political Contacts Database makes it easier for your stations to get those dollars.

With hundreds of office-seekers, from local to national, you have plenty of prospects. But, contacting all those candidates can be time consuming and costly. Edmonds does the work for you, at an amazingly low price.

Hundreds of stations are already finding more campaign dollars because they have these Edmonds resources at their fingertips:

  • Candidate Contact Information at all levels, local to national… Over 30,000 files nationwide
  • Candidate Contact Updates
  • National Issue/Advocacy groups, PACs, Super PACs, and their Media Buying Firms
  • Periodic Updates, Inside Info and Best Practices
  • New this year: State Party Chairs contact information
  • A Political Advertising PowerPoint presentation that you can customize for your local use

Gaining access to this wealth of information for every station in your entire group is available for one low fee of just $960 per state, or even less if you order multiple states.

Vist our Political page for more details.

More election dates are coming soon so don’t wait to cash in on this bonanza! Contact us today, and help your team start making more sales tomorrow.