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Just a quick note to invite your sales team to join me June 12 at noon Eastern Time for my next free LBS webinar. We’ll talk about a “6 month check-up,” by asking “Do You Know Where Your Ad Dollars Are?”

We’re asking this question because there are probably some “stealth ad dollar thieves” in your market, ones that are getting more money than your team may realize. Once we isolate who these culprits are, we’ll share strategies and tactics that your team can use to win that money back.

Your team will also learn about some personal investments in themselves that they may want to make (but between us, NEED to make.). We’ll then discuss some mistakes managers regularly make, ones that usually cost their teams money. As always, we’ll take questions focused on broadcast selling and management. You can register your team at http://localbroadcastsales.com/lbswebinars/.

Speaking of money, isn’t too late to cash in on the revenue bonanza of 2018 election advertising. Billions of dollars are up for grabs, and the vast majority of the media buys has not yet been placed.

Our Edmonds Political Contacts database helps you reach EVERY candidate quickly. For a low one-time fee of just $960 for your entire group, we the contact information for all candidates in your state, from local to Federal. This valuable information pays for itself with your first sale!

So please, have your team join me for the June 12 LBS webinar. And if you want more political dollars on your station, reply to this email or give me a call for more information about the Edmonds Political Database.