As you probably saw, Amazon Prime Day had this effect on local businesses:

  • $3.5 Billion in local dollars lost to Amazon sales
  • 44% were new customers to Amazon
  • 53% satisfied or extremely satisfied customers (Higher than many local businesses score)
  • 61% never considered purchasing anywhere other than Amazon

How much did your marketing area lose? How much more will it lose on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

You can help your clients act now to thwart this attack. “Close More Business for Your Business: Improving Sales and Customer Service Skills” is RDR’s newest 3-hour session in our “Doing Business Better® series. We share our sales and marketing expertise, to equip them stave off the Amazon assault.

Even before Prime Day, several media companies and chambers of commerce had presented this session, realizing the need for a strong, proactive offense to protect their local business communities. In fact, RDR is conducting several more DBB® sessions this week.

If you’re ready to set up your market, and thus your company, to win against Amazon, please contact us.

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