We’re often asked to provide training that teaches sellers methods for getting appointments. Here are two that are working well for clients we consult. Your team may also find them useful:

Getting old customers back

Sellers are sending bags of microwave popcorn, with the note: “You popped into my mind today, so I thought I would check to see what’s changed since we last spoke. I’ll call you on [date] at [time] (10 minutes before or 10 minutes past the hour), and look forward to talking with you then.”

Getting appointments with new clients

“Mr. Advertiser, as you probably saw, the last Amazon Prime day took over 3.5 billion dollars from local merchants. Even worse, 61% of consumers polled said they NEVER thought about buying anywhere other than Amazon. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! They expect to make even more purchases on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Do you have a few moments for us to meet and talk about methods for bulletproofing your business from that attack?”

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