Because sales people often confuse being busy with success, they circle the same accounts over and over long after the opportunity has passed. That’s why RDR is now pleased to provide you with an inexpensive mobile account management tool that makes sales, and sales management, easier.

Presenting…Rumple, an easy to use and inexpensive sales management App that makes you money! Rumple is already helping over 400 radio and television stations increase their revenue, by focusing sales people on asking for enough money each week, giving them a realistic shot at hitting their goal.

Sales people LOVE the Rumple because it’s ridiculously easy to use. Accessed right from their phone, tablet or desktop, it saves them time, instead of taking away valuable selling time.

For managers, Rumple is loaded with quick and concise daily, weekly, and monthly reports and information. It makes 1 on 1 meetings fast, easy, and more productive. And, Rumple helps your team avoid huge lists of inactive accounts and missed opportunities.

You can learn more from this short video:

A Rumple demo takes between 20-30 minutes. May we schedule one for you? Contact us if you’re ready to save both time and money.