Simple. The billions of dollars that online Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales took away from local businesses creates a perfect opportunity for your appointment phone blitz. Consider having your sellers make calls that sound something like this:

Mr./Ms. Advertiser, as you’ve probably already seen or heard, Black Friday and Cyber Monday took millions of dollars from local businesses like yours. I’m calling to see if you might have a few moments for us to discuss a plan to help you minimize the additional business online sellers will try to take from you. Would you have a few moments on date/time for us to talk?

Two things to remember:

  1. Always ask for “the time” at 10 to, or 10 after, the hour.
  2. The purpose is to set appointments, so use the time with the prospect as an opportunity to do a customer needs analysis. Then, return with a specific plan for the client.

If your sales consultant isn’t providing you with advice like this, perhaps we should talk. RDR continually helps media companies of all sizes grow their people, revenue and audience, and we’d welcome the opportunity to see if we can do the same for you. Contact us online or call 972.522.8570 for more information.