But you know it does. Now, with the new attribution tool in the Rumple Account Management App, you can prove it!

With Rumple’s MEDIA DRIVEN attribution feature, your clients can see:

  1. Exactly how many people have been driven to their website and Google business listing within 30 minutes of the ad airing.
  2. Which of their ads are driving the most response.
  3. The times of day most conducive to interaction with your audience. (This might surprise you and allow you to justify higher rates in lesser demand dayparts.)

Of course, you still must do your part: building schedules with enough frequency, with ad copy containing a true reason to respond, and targeted to an audience likely to buy. But when you do that, Rumple can provide you the proof your clients need that Radio does work!

Rumple account management with MEDIA DRIVEN is already giving thousands of sellers the capability to ask for, close and make more money each week. To see how well it can work for you, contact us, and we’ll set it up a quick demo at your convenience.