Director of Sales

In 30+ years connecting with broadcasters to assess their needs and help them find the right solutions, Bob has built a reputation as a highly strategic thinker and skilled communicator.

He has worked with broadcasters nationally and internationally, in syndicated programming sales, audience research, as Regional Sales Manager for the Radio Advertising Bureau, and now RDR’s Director of Sales.

Prior to those years as a problem solver for broadcasters everywhere, Bob was “in their shoes,” working in local radio and television in markets of all sizes, from his small Kansas hometown to New Orleans and Dallas.

Bob is an avid photographer and will also “get the picture” when it comes to your needs. He enjoys travel, gardening, creative cooking, and spending time with family. Bob has two sons and four grandsons.

A fact about Bob most do not know: “I once ran against World Mile Record Holder Jim Ryun…and lost.”

Bob is inspired by: “MTXE – Mental Toughness & Extra Effort”

One crazy fad Bob wishes would come back in vogue: “Lava Lamps”

Bob’s personal motto would be: “Do you want be right, or do you want to be happy?”