Customer Experience Officer

Since 2016, Jean has been RDR’s Customer Experience Officer. Serving as a liaison between customers and RDR’s production department, Jean ensures that customers receive the quality of product and service that exceed their expectations. This is second nature for Jean because she loves challenges, people and sales.

A southern girl born and raised near Greenville, SC, Jean began her 40+ year sales career traveling through the Carolinas as a Merchandiser for Murray Biscuit Company and Canada Dry/Pepsi. She then moved to a position covering 5-states as a children’s photographer. Specializing in speed and smiles, Jean would photograph over 250 kids on a typical Saturday until she was promoted to a company management position in St. Louis.

In 1987, Jean moved to Northwest Arkansas and worked in radio sales there until 2015. She has held the positions of sales account executive, Local Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Director of Sales, Key Account Manager and Regional Account Manager.

For 25 years, Jean has been married to her husband “Big Dan.” “Big Dan” has been waking up Northwest Arkansas for 45 years on the air as a disc jockey. Together “Mean Jean the Selling Machine” and “Big Dan” make a great team!

Jean’s passion is working with businesses and their clients to help them grow their sales. Here’s Jean’s sales advice for any type of business:

  1. Find out what a client really wants. (you can’t sell a white pickup to someone who wants a sporty red convertible)
  2. It’s never a matter of if they will buy…. It’s only a matter of when!
  3. Let clients know how important they are to you and above all take great care of them.

A fact about Jean most do not know: “When I was 16 I spent my summer as a Go Go Dancer with a local touring band.”

Jean is inspired by: “50’s/60’s Oldies music and  beautiful sunny days.”

One crazy fad Jean wishes would come back in vogue: “Huge bell bottom jeans, love beads and big hair.”

Jean’s personal motto would be: “Keep the faith, there’s a pony in there somewhere.”