30 Seconds to Better Sales Presentations

One day prior to the presentation, the seller emails the client the demo commercial (or a link to it). This offers the client time to …

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Who Do You Really Want To Speak To?

How many times have you asked:  “May I speak to ‘the person in charge of advertising?’” Consider never asking that again! Why? Because the person …

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How Well Do You “Client-Speak?”

That question is answered by how many times you find yourself using the words “we,” ”our,” and “us” when talking to a client about your …

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Stop Wasting Commercial Time!

Can you remember a phone number mentioned once in a 30 second commercial? How about FlebitzenMcConnehaySanchezRoseLawfirm.com? Same with actual street addresses — can you really …

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I Don’t Want or Need To Grow My Business

That objection scares a lot of us, and rightly so. But we have to remember that worrying about growing their business is not something that …

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