Not Asking This Will Cost You Money Today

It’s not a question most sellers ask anymore, but it’s something both Gordon Borrell and BIA agree on. The question? “How much do you invest …

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Why Miss Out on YOUR Cut of $38.5 Billion?

Per BIA, the biggest media investment local advertisers will make this year will be in…Direct Mail. This is money most broadcasters don’t ever get a …

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Find Political Ad Dollars Fast, Easy, and Cheap

To get the buy, you must first know who to call. We’ll give you contact information for EVERY candidate, and even more helpful information, at …

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4 Simple Sales Steps To Take Before Dec. 24

Only days away, 2018 can be your best ever. Here are 4 things you can do now to make sure it starts off heading that …

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Mark Levy Presentation Helps Military Recruiters Improve Their Results

You may not immediately think of the process of recruiting young men and women into the military as a “sales” effort — but of course, …

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