Client Reviews


"Mark -
One of the smartest things I ever did was connect with you after your presentation. Our professional coaching sessions over the past few months have provided invaluable tools to help me navigate business challenges for which I was woefully ill prepared. My confidence level has increased as well as my decisiveness. Our discussions prove that we are never too old to learn from each other and benefit from collaboration."
Media Company Owner 
"Thank you to Mark for his presentation - the marketing and people knowledge was very conceptual and well polished. I'm still circulating it in my brain as it really helped and showed me what we are doing right, and what we can improve on! Thanks for the opportunity!"
RevPRO Advertiser, Real Estate Agency 
“THANK YOU!!! Thank you for getting Mark Levy in here!! This guy does not mess around, he doesn't pull any punches, and he reads people like I've never seen before. He knows his stuff!! You and [owner] couldn't have made a better investment. I had an amazing conversation with Mark. He gave me some really, really good feedback and advice. The compliments were a bonus. He has set me on new course!!”
Account Executive email to Owner 
“Mark gave a great mix of real life examples and painted a picture of how to be most effective in each scenario.”
“Engaging and entertaining.”
“Outstanding training. Loved the info - very useful and applicable.”
“Excellent specific skills that can be taken back and immediately implemented. Not just ‘you should do this’ but ‘here's how you do it.’”
“Loved the energy and fun. Great ideas - practical and applicable. Mark was great!”
“Mark is very informative knowledgeable and like the humor he adds too. Great reminders of things I should be doing that I left by the wayside. Motivated and regenerated me! Great stuff! Great motivator!”
“Mark doing a morning session would start the day off right.”
“Good useful stuff - useful not just the same old same old. I got several new takeaways.”
“Lots of fun and great ideas. Entertaining and enjoyable. Refreshing twist on how to handle everyday scenarios.”
Sales Training Attendees Comments 
"Mark challenges even the most experienced salespeople to polish their techniques and achieve even greater success in reaching higher goals."
Veteran Account Executive, Consulting Client 
Once again you hit a homerun...Your sessions were terrific with well-deserved positive feedback. Thank you for sharing your expertise...I can't thank you enough for once again helping make the event a success. You always do such a fantastic job of interjecting fun while providing much needed and useful information. It is such a pleasure working with you...and I look forward to the opportunity to do so again."
Sue Toma, Executive Director, Iowa Broadcasters Association 
"I really enjoyed today's short & to-the-point sales webinar! Mark is great about sharing from experience & has a wonderful webinar presentation ability/style! He keeps you interested & engaged!"
Sales Training Webinar Attendee 
“Thanks Mark….I heard great reports from all participants!!!!”
Team Sales Training, Group VP 
"Hello Mark,
You and Holly took the time to pass on your "Strategic Negotiation" slides. I took your advice...The deal took a few months, but we just signed for over $100K last week! Thanks again for taking the time! It was much appreciated!"
Sales Training Attendee 
“Wow! Talk about profitable! This was our second year to do RevPRO™ with RDR® and I thought I was happy last year…This year is even better!”
Media Company Owner 
Thank you for all of your honest advice and help over these past months! I look forward to our conversations each week and know that you'll have just the right solution and positive thing to say. The advice you gave me in dealing with employees has worked so well! Our communication has improved and their numbers are showing it! Thanks again, Mark!"
General Sales Manager, Consulting Client 
"This ad looks great. You guys always are very timely and do a good job of working with my crazy regulatory requirements! I really appreciate that."
RevPRO Advertiser 
“Hey Mark,
Just wanted to say thank you so much for the few days we spent together in our market!! WOW-- what an experience it was! I have been to several trainings and this one topped it... a new look on the media world. I am so glad that I decided to come out of retirement. You made it seem so easy!!”
Sales Training Attendee 
"I teleconference with Mark on a weekly basis, but that is our minimum contact. Mark has been available not only to me but also the sales team, programming and promotions team members who have found value from his input and consult as well. Mark brings a high level view and has become a trusted advisor to me and our stations.
If anyone is considering working with Mark, I would be happy to be a reference and explain that his consult and advice have helped us improve our average ticket, closing ration, visibility in the community and professionalism inside and outside our company."
General Sales Manager, Consulting Client 
“Mark, thank you again for spending time with us. I found this past week to be very useful and I am excited to see how my career will grow with these selling tools. When I’ve paid off my student loans, I know I’ll have you to thank!”
Account Executive, Consulting Client 
"BEAUTIFUL ad - you guys are great! We have enjoyed our working relationship - attention to detail and great communication! Thanks so much!"
RevPRO Advertiser 
"Hi Mark,
I just wanted to thank you for spending so much time with me on Wednesday making calls with my clients. They all enjoyed meeting you, but more importantly they felt like you gave them all some great insight and ideas to help grow their business.
It was also great brainstorming some ideas for creative copy with you based on talking with my clients. You helped make 3 new commercials that day for 3 clients and they all LOVED the commercials and are currently using them!
Thank you so much for all your ideas, shared concepts and encouragement that you always bring to the table. I enjoy working with you so very much."
Account Executive, Consulting Client 
“Mark, It was good to see you at the show…thanks for your insights and ideas. You’re the first guy selling sales training that makes sense. Thanks again.”
Business Owner/Trade Show Exhibitor 
"The best, most personable training experience in 20 years."
Veteran Media Account Executive, Training Attendee 
Thank you for your hard work on the various projects we have done together. You possess a unique combination of modern radio sales training skills and a personal commitment to be on the streets demonstrating powerful closing skills. Your work ethic is an inspiration to our staff and your understanding of different personality types makes you a very effective partner. You walk the talk and are always willing to roll up your sleeves and make just one more call.
Mark, thank you also for your personal investment with each of our Group Account Managers, both with seasoned veterans and newer members of our team."
Manager, Consulting Client 
“Mark, when I started at the company to take over for someone who was retiring, he told me the place was like the island of misfit toys. What the heck am I getting myself into I thought?! I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am for the last four days and especially our great conversation this afternoon. I appreciate your honest feedback, advice, and motivation! Today is the first day since I started nearly a year ago, that I can honestly tell you someone has taken the time to sit down and ask me what I think about specific areas of this work environment and my job. Best of all, you gave me very specific, no ‘bs’ feedback and suggestions in multiple areas. I LOVE IT!! Mark, this is hands down the best sales training I have ever had (would you like a video testimonial, lol!) Thank you for lighting a fire under my butt that I so desperately needed! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart, this has been life changing on more levels than you will ever know.”
Account Executive, Consulting Client 
“I am a better salesperson because of your training. It should be an annual thing.”
Sales Training Attendee