Grow yourself, your sales and your team with strategies and tactics taught by a former bandleader, broadcast GM, and jockey (before he ate his way out of the saddle).

Alloy wheels, an aluminum deck & an RS232 Hemulator starter

What does buying a lawnmower have to do with telling your story better? A heck of a lot, if you want to write more and larger orders more often.

This session is perfect for those wanting to increase sales of any type. Learn how to communicate with clients from the client’s point of view, and harness a rapid increase in new and upsell dollars. ​

If your sales team is off, this session is the quick starter to get them back on track!

“I thinkest I shall say nay.”

It would be great if every presentation ended with a signed contract. We’ll equip you to be ready with effective responses in those “rare” occasions when your client has objections.

This session is perfect to increase sales of any type and close more and larger orders more often.

​This session’s techniques have resulted in new and genuine upsell dollars within a week and have increased closing ratios for companies large and small.

Leadership Impact RX: Maximum Strength I3

One of the greatest challenges of all organizations and individuals, regardless of status or title, is steering the upgrowth of our influence to the impact we are seeking to achieve in ourselves, teams, organizations, and communities. Finding the precise balance and blend of activities, styles, and culture is key. And, the secret ingredient in this Rx will surprise you. Here’s a hint: it starts and ends with you.

This session is perfect for individuals and organizations ready to grow and maximize their impact potential.

The audience will leave with ​a solid understanding of the critical elements necessary to activate and maintain consistent and sustainable growth

​I3 is the launch pad to take your influence to impact!

Management vs. Leadership: The differences & how to be good at both

Though we use the two words interchangeably, they are not the same. We’ll address the differences, why we must be good at both, and cover behavior that drives your team to excel and behavior that drives them right over the edge!

This session is perfect for those who wish to ​develop advanced proficiency and expertise in leadership and management.

The audience will leave with ​a solid understanding of the differences between “management” and “leadership,” why it is important to understand the differences, and a road map to navigate to expertise at both.

​Like a long-running Broadway show, Management vs. Leadership has consistently been one of our most requested topics.

Plowing through the middle

It’s often easy to get started on a project, and then over the finish line when you can see the wire. But how do you and your team keep plowing through in the rocky “middle?” You’ll leave with the answer after this session.

This session is perfect for those who want to grow their own and their teams’ ability to successfully persevere and plow through when things get rough.

The audience will leave with ​their own “mental tractor and plow” to get themselves and their teams through the toughest part of any endeavor.

​After this session, you’ll have the tools to plow right through your next “middle.”

A green rider came forth, and behold his name was… Gumby!

Have you ever made a call that just didn’t “feel” right? The feeling probably wasn’t something you ate. That’s why this session will focus on recognizing, working with and selling to different personality types. Who knows, it might even result in better relationships with your co-workers, family and in-laws. (No guarantees on that last one.)

This session is perfect for audiences wanting to know how to better live with, work with and/or sell to people.

The audience will leave with ​an understanding of their own personality type, and how to better deal with other personality types.

​Another one of our most requested sessions guaranteed to produce lively audience interaction and lots of laughs!