Political Ad Dollars for Media

Political Ad Season Is Here!

The Edmonds Political Contacts Database will get you an even larger slice of what is predicted to be the largest amount of money ever spent in a non-Presidential Election year.

Here’s what you get:

  • Candidate Contact Information at all levels… Over 30,000 files nationwide
  • Candidate Contact Updates
  • National Issue/Advocacy groups, PACs, Super PACs, and their Media Buying Firms
  • Periodic Updates, Inside Info and Best Practices
  • State Party Chairs contact information
  • A Political Advertising PowerPoint presentation that you can customize for your local use.

Pays for itself with your first sale!

For more details on how the Edmonds Political Contacts Database can help you get a larger slice of the political advertising pie during the 2022 elections click on the button below:

Read 4 Key Elements to Political Ad Sales $$$ (PDF document)


To get started contact Mark Levy via our website or by phone at 972.522.8570.

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