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RDR offers a customized collection of educational (and entertaining) sessions and programs for leaders, managers, sellers, business owners, and anyone who works or deals with people! The RDR Curriculum has a track record of paying dividends. But don’t take our word for it — here’s what our audiences and clients have said:

“Your presentation was rated ‘exceptional.’”  Organization President

“Mark’s training credentials are as strong as anyone I can think of. He motivated and taught my sales team and helped put dollars in their pockets. Mark’s very relatable, fun, and is certainly in tune with the challenges on the streets. He coaches with solid steps to overcome objections and reduce client hesitancy. He’s well-organized and entertaining too. He’s not about smoke and mirrors or ‘sales tricks.’” That’s what my team loved most. They took his problem-solving techniques and put them to work on the streets that very day with confidence and pride.”  GM

“Mark – your ‘15 degree’ changes are working here – we’re up 22% this month compared to last year. So far, the whole operation is up over last year.” Company Owner

“Thanks for checking in Mark! I’m glad to report that since your training in March, at least 6 members of our sales staff have made significant changes in their sales procedures and see increases in the number of appointments made and sales orders compared to last year. In fact, we just verified that our sales staff is entitled to a 10% sales bonus for the month. This is now the second month this year that we have exceeded 15% over last year!”  GM

“Mark, thank you once again for your thought-provoking, useful and profitable insights. I am also appreciative for all your help following our trainings – it is great to be able to reach out to ask you questions and for advice. I’m not exaggerating when I say we have increased billing substantially since your last training seminar. Your techniques, templates and good-humored advice are invaluable. Both trainings of yours that I have attended have been across the board winners!”  GSM

“Hello Mark – In our video testimonial for you, we joked of wanting to be up 15% per month, however, we were up almost 18% last month and so far in May we’re already up 12%. I believe with more campaigns hanging out there that should happen in May as well!”

“We’ve worked with Mark Levy for the past 2 years. He presented a phenomenal sales training course to our team. His presentations, his ideas, and his dedication to our company are priceless. Our sales execs are asking for more dollars, presenting proposals better, and overall “thinking bigger” because of Mark. He has been a huge asset on the management side as well. His commitment to follow through and concern for our success is extremely appreciated.”  GM

“Without question it was the most PRACTICAL sessions I ever attended. I highly recommend Mark Levy.”  AE

“I have been in business for 30 years and have been to MANY seminars. I have to say that yours was one of the BEST I have attended.”  AE

“Mark, when I started at the company to take over for someone who was retiring, he told me the place was like the island of misfit toys. What the heck am I getting myself into I thought?! I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am for the last 4 days of your training and mentoring. I appreciate your honest feedback, advice, and motivation!  Today is the first day since I started nearly a year ago, that I can honestly tell you someone has taken the time to sit down and ask me what I think about specific areas of this work environment and my job. Best of all, you gave me very specific, no ‘bs’ feedback and suggestions in multiple areas.  I LOVE IT!!  Mark, this is hands down the best sales training I have ever had (would you like a video testimonial, lol!) Thank you for lighting a fire under my butt that I so desperately needed! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart, this has been life changing on more levels than you will ever know.”  AE

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A top seller, an award-winning manager, and top trainer, Mark Levy, has sold millions of dollars of media advertising and managed and trained thousands sellers and managers in the U.S. and abroad. The systems, strategies, and techniques that Mark brings to the table, along with the fun and entertaining way he presents them, continue to earn accolades from his audiences and clients.

As a former horse jockey, Mark understands that one size does not fit all. That’s why RDR offers a “Smorgasbord” of sessions and programs.

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